Industries Served

MarPaso has a depth of valuable experience that helps willing organizations plan better and execute faster.  We enable a more thorough Organizational Transformation and optimize finance, human resources, supply chain and the business operations platform.  

MarPaso Principals and Consultants have worked on Enterprise Software projects and Organizational Change initiatives in multiple industries, including the highly regulated industries with specialized legislation to ensure operational, compliance and reporting requirements:



Regulatory and process issues in a Utility can be streamlined and automated in Operations, HR, and Finance.  We look at many process efficiencies including those in new and maintenance projects, construction of assets, procurement, calculations and reports.  ERP, Supply Chain, Maintenance and HCM evaluations and projects need to account for Water, Gas and Electric uniquenesses.

Oil and Gas E&P Upstream

Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico
Offshore and Land Exploration & Production have  unique field tickets, labor, and accounting for expenses.  Oil and Gas operations have special processes and MarPaso has expertise upstream, midstream and downstream that helps our clients become more effective.


Ever maintaining, changing and adding pipelines to the monthly production requirements creates change in operations.  Mergers and Acquisitions experts from MarPaso Services help analyze and metabolize the changes to your organization in the people, processes and technology for a stronger and more agile organization.


Technology and processes to create product from hydrocarbon feedstock for fuels, plastics and polymers is advancing constantly, and the downstream market is always changing. Maintenance operations must keep the operation running safely and smoothly at lower costs than ever before.  MarPaso can help assess the decision, skills, organization structure, and processes to execute transformation that enables the profitable growth your stockholders are expecting.




School Voucher programs lower revenue for School Districts in Texas
MarPaso has worked with all sizes of ISD’s including Greater City Schools, and knows the issues and how they differ from Suburban School Districts in operations, finance, HR and Recruiting, grants, facilities, and operations.

Private Colleges

Public Universities

Universities and University Systems have unique needs, driven by the changing Higher Education market requirements.   Student Systems are evolving in functionality and architecture along with the growing outlying campuses in University Systems in State Higher Education Systems.  The ongoing need to grow research capabilities and recruit more grant winning professors, diverse students and increase the quality of education drives new business processes in HR, Student and Financial Systems.  A College campus has all the same facility maintenance and contracting requirements that a City has and more.  Add an Academic Medical Center to a campus and you have a fully functioning hospital, medical school.  Your research facility may be solving some of the world’s most difficult problems with funding from NIH other sources that require meticulous detail and corresponding integrated systems implemented to support their dynamic requirements.  MarPaso Principals have been active in the HEUG leadership over the years, and having worked for multiple software and services firms with a Higher Ed focus, MarPaso can help facilitate the automation of Higher Education requirements.

Research Extensive Academic Medical Centers

Community Colleges

Online Universities

For Profit Education

Public Sector

State Depts of Health & Human Services

DHS’s across the US may have similarities in federal reimbursement but vary significantly in how Social Services and Healthcare is delivered.  Three states uniquely work with County government healthcare delivery networks to process reimbursement of federal dollars.  The platforms to integrate case management solutions, schedule employees and enable reimbursement need to accommodate unique requirements in Human Services agencies that may be both payer, provider.  A DHS is the largest public sector entity in a state managing a high volume of skilled worker turnover in the most competitive environment on the planet.  MarPaso is here to serve and enable platforms that smooth these ever changing processes in a legislative cycle where healthcare delivery and social services must be delivered to sustain life and lifestyles of large populations.

State Depts of Transportation

New Projects, a change in People, advances in Technology, combined with Funding challenges create capacity constraints and management opportunities in State Departments of Transportation.  Legislative prioritization in the Federal government affect the FHWA policy along with State and Local funding shifts aligning with new policy.   Policy and funding impacts project completions, creates delays and changes priorities.  A DOT is subject to the undeniable and expensive reality of extreme weather,  which may have wild swings in a given year.  MarPaso’s consultants have worked with some of the most innovative DOT’s in the US on projects that create transparency, efficient operations, enhanced workforce capabilities, and agile project management capability, team collaboration as well as organizational change.

MarPaso has worked with Departments of Transportation on Business Process Optimization,  Organizational changes, technology enhancements to grant reimbursement platforms, software upgrades, HR/Payroll, Project Management, Materials Management and Financial System implementations.   Linear assets, intergovernmental reimbursement, and remote operations create unique challenges for DOT’s.   States are responsible for roads, streets, federal highway ramps, airports, mass transit, ferry systems, weather events, planned and emergency repairs, and planning for growth within the budget constraints.  Federal Legislation including the State of Good Repair legislative mandate creates changes to operations, training, data gathering, and plans to repair roads, bridges and other transportation assets.  Changes in technology impact the organization and business processes include the change impacted by Cloud Computing, Mobile enablement, and Business Intelligence architecture.

State Depts of Corrections

Transforming Departments of Corrections is sweeping the nation, while the political reality is that resources are constrained.  Changes affecting staffing, Labor Accounting (TM), processes associated with incident response, training and recruiting are mission critical to the success at each unit.  MarPaso has a depth of experience enabling change in workforce management, operations, enterprise software and initiatives that can affect recivitism in prison populations and operating budgets for the prison system.  Let us help you enable the change you know is critical to the public service charter of your organization.

State Police, Public Safety, Highway Patrol

Public Safety organizations have a mission critical requirement to be responsive to case loads, growth, unions, workforce management process changes, and enhanced legislative mandates from local, state and Homeland Security initiatives.  MarPaso has worked with law enforcement organizations across the nation to improve processes, morale, and accountability for a transformed and high functioning public safety organization.

Local Governments including City & County governments


Via metropolitan transit in San Antonio, is a Trapeze client.
Legislative Changes continue to impact the operations of transits but the value they provide is growing every day.

Transit Agencies and State DOT’s across the United States are racing to enable efficient processes and more integrated cross functional platforms to remain compliant in their State of Good Repair initiatives.  The growth of Rail and Bus Public Transit infrastructure is being driven by an elite culture of engineering and operations with deep expertise in supply chain, maintenance and finance.  This Transformation is being led by Operations, HR and IT executives that by definition are embracing change. MarPaso leadership is industrial strength by nature, with proven backgrounds in maintenance, Supply Chain, and strategic sourcing projects and knows the issues, processes and players across the software options in this changing space.

Public Utilities


IDN’s – Integrated Delivery Networks

Home Care Organizations

Long Term Care

Obama Care vs TrumpCare showdown in Insurance and Healthcare delivery.
Healthcare is in the vortex of technology, legislative and competitive change hell, and only the truly agile and strong will survive.

Regional Hospitals

Changes in legislation, reimbursement and specialized healthcare delivery models are driving sea change in Healthcare.  Hospitals are going out of business by the droves as process inefficiencies, EMR, EHR, legislative changes,  ineffective IT operations,  staffing issues, specialty clinics, and IDN’s are hitting at once.  New legislative changes may create an uncertain environment for business process, finance, and HR professionals. Capable healthcare organizations are leveraging technology to get more done with less and affect outcomes and wellness like never before.  MarPaso helps Healthcare work better together to embrace change.

Outpatient Clinics


Expanding Doctor Practices

Payers – Insurance Companies as well as State DHS’s that process payments for reimbursement have a dynamic set of process, reimbursement and reporting requirements.


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