Functional Areas

Make your business operate better with focused improvements from MarPaso in:


  • Readiness Assessment for Mergers and Acquisitions, Enterprise Software Projects in Finance Human Resources, Supply Chain, Chart of Accounts rewrite,  and Business Intelligence enablement.
  • Strategic Sourcing Pre and Post Implementation Analysis.
  • The Procure to Pay and Supply Chain Management processes may appear simple at a mile above the earth.  Not so however, as you work through different commodity and asset classifications, services and multi department or many location organizations with different budget, commitment accounting and allocation processes. IT gets hairy quickly.  MarPaso has deep experience in platforms and processes that enable the Supply Chain to flow smoothly, which keeps books in schools, trains on time, orders fulfilled, sourcing strategic, inventory optimized and employees happy.
ERP Evaluations and Change Management Services for HCM, and ERP Implementations
Experienced approaches from MarPaso Services help clients avert unnecessary pain.

Human Capital

  • Workforce Management Projects including Best Practice comparisons and recommendations when integrating with an ERP/HR Package.
  • FLSA and Compliance issues need platforms architected to support compliance.  In spite of module names and jazzy software demonstrations, many products do not support these mandatory processes, creating risk or unnecessary modifications to software by consulting firms building revenue streams in the cracks between adjacent enterprise solutions.
  • Ensuring the cost of labor is accurately accounted for in Federal and Payor reimbursement processes, projects and grants.
  • Recruiting and Onboarding Processes enabled, supporting customizations and outsourcing of specific processes and platforms.

Projects and Operations

  • Process assessment and optimization for capturing Labor and Materials associated with projects.
  • Research entities have projects with specific reimbursement processes that must be followed, and some platforms are better at this than others.
  • Capital Projects, across the entire lifecycle from budgeting, fund raising, construction, predictive and preventative maintenance and retirement.
  • Transit and transportation departments now have State of Good Repair compliance issues, and MarPaso’s experience in these processes and enterprise architecture helps ensure you are not risking grant dollars that are the lifeblood of your operations.

Sales & Marketing

  • MarPaso leadership has deep experience in sales, including building teams from the ground up that build the revenue stream to take a company public, or move the needle significantly in terms of generating record revenue.  For a scalable sales strategy to work, the company needs to have a product or service that performs as claimed, and actually be in a defined market space.
  • Define channel strategies, both direct and indirect and help create the most meaningful structure based on the market and maturity of both the space and the organization.
  • Industry penetration strategies refined based on the competitive landscape and capabilities of the offering.  Short sentence but huge impact.  Really.
  • Product management and launch strategies that leverage the market and momentum of the firm for optimized results in a realistic timeframe.
  • Lead Generation enhanced with targeted campaigns that leverage current technology and consider the objective and targeted customer base.  Quality data, grabbing credible message, client stories, actionable results are all appropriately leveraged for maximized results from mixed media, industry events, associations, and targeted campaigns.
  • Implement repeatable methodologies that allow a company to sell credibly, ethically and repeatedly up and down the org chart as well as across operational areas.
  • Interim executive work, helping in all aspects of market development, sales and staffing the organization to enable ongoing growth and profitability.
  • All industries need an integrated PR and Marketing strategy for client, prospect, constituent or community relations, and all should have focused and measurable outcomes.
  • Healthcare calls it Community Relations, Government now leverages Constituent relations and everybody needs a Help Desk.  CRM and #CX are providing significant ROI and support of your mission in industries or departments that are new to integrated marketing and customer support.
  • Sales force methodologies for product and services companies that are proven to blow your competition away and help you increase customer satisfaction and revenue.
  • Outsourcing of specific processes for event management, lead generation, and trade shows or marketing campaigns and product launches.

Change Management or Project Offerings

  • MarPaso  Change Management deliverables  lower your project risks. You will welcome the preparation in your organization for technology and process change, and the help to enable full skills transfer for maximum impact with the smallest disruptions possible in your enterprise software project.  Transforming your business operations may involve acquisitions, divestitures, office relocations, a re-org, more innovative use of collaboration, business intelligence and operating or enterprise software.  We incorporate the project objectives and transformation of roles for your people, skills, optimized processes, and more efficient technology platforms are the result.  Agile software implementations in the Cloud are most at risk in organizations that believe that managing change can be ignored, delayed or minimized.  Don’t risk your project, let MarPaso help you today.
  • Transformation includes the true enablement of the organization with the new dimension, not just steps in a canned methodology delivered.  Any change requires new skills and that skill transfer is key to the full capability of the new organization leveraging your human capital and technology in light of transformed processes.
  • Any change to People, Process or Technology affects the other two, and in order to achieve true transformation, a Change Management strategy must include change leadership, communications, and a proven methodology that considers the destination in light of where we are now.  The plan must incorporate training, with change readiness litmus tests to ensure the organization is ready for the new capability at the right time.